Friday, January 12, 2018

wrapping it up

Almost 2 weeks into the new year and I'm finally wrapping it up and sharing my December makes.  First up, a 30 Wood Forest to celebrate one of my favorite people in the whole wide world turning 30!  She loves the northern woods - in any season!
I used this tutorial by Amy Smart.  I originally intended to make this into a table runner but I couldn't work that out so I off-set the trees and made a wall hanging.  I added the borders "Log Cabin" style.  Who doesn't love a cabin in the woods?

The back is a map because everyone needs a map to navigate their way through a forest.

Especially when there are bobcats hiding in the trees! 😜

Next, rope bowls.  This year it was rope bowls for everyone.  Have you caught this bug?  Modern Handcraft has a video tutorial to get you started but be careful - they're addicting!

Finally, my top 9 Instagram photos.  This year I updated the collage to include my top 10 because...So. Many. Babies!!!  What a year!  Two new grandsons for us and many new friends for them!  The bottom row includes my favorite photos of major personal sewing accomplishments:  finishing this year's Summer Sampler, completing 100 blocks in 100 days (watch for that quilt to hopefully be finished this spring), and meeting Crazy Mom Quilts!  

17 has always been my favorite number and 2017 did not disappoint!  Thank you so much for sharing this fun journey with me. Your encouraging comments are so appreciated.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  
Keep warm!

I'll be linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Sew Fresh Quilts


  1. Congrats! on a number of wonderful finishes in 2017. The recipients of all are very lucky!!

  2. It's nice to see your year-end wrap-up. Isn't it refreshing to review and realize how many things you've made - oftentimes more than you thought?! Last year was when I met Amanda Jean too, when she came to the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild. She's a lovely person, isn't she? The "Ring Me" quilt in her book is my long-term scrappy project. It's neat that you learned to make rope bowls too. Honestly, I've avoided learning because I'm sure I'd become hooked... and then what would I do with them?! Along the same lines, I'm intrigued with the rugs that are being made in a similar fashion. Now rugs are something I could actually use! I do like the tree quilt you made, but my absolute favorite is your pillow (lower right in the collage) made with scrappy nine patches. It's adorable. I know you will turn out more fabulous projects in 2018!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Linda. Yes, Amanda Jean is even more delightful in person, if that's possible. She gave a fantastic trunk show on a Friday evening then a full day class on Saturday. We were all making different projects and she wandered the room offering feedback and answering questions. I thought she did a fantastic job of circling the room a few times and not spending more time with some than others. A seasoned teacher for sure!
      I had recipients for the rope bowls so all was well there, except for the fact that I made them for everyone EXCEPT my own daughters! They are still waiting for theirs. I have not seen the rugs yet but they do sound intriguing.
      That pillow is a keeper! Everyone who sits on the couch with it comments about how comfortable it is, too. Really glad I used the invisible zipper in the seam and kept the back one solid piece.
      I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in 2018!

  3. I love the tree quilt and have had that one on my list for seemingly ever!! I haven't tried the rope bowls ...yet! Yours are beautiful and they look like so much fun!

    1. Thank you Jayne. The trees had been on my list for a year. So happy with how they turned out I now want to make something to keep!

  4. Looks like a fabulous group of finishes!

  5. Beautiful projects! I love the trees and the backing fabric! Fab!