Saturday, June 4, 2016

lake house quilt

I live in a state that is actually two peninsulas.  Most of Michigan’s borders are defined by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes.  Within the state are literally thousands of inland lakes.  (I’m not going to trust Google for a number!)  Needless to say, we are all about fresh water here.  Like many children in Michigan, my husband and I grew up in families that spent most weekends at cabins or camping on the lake.  We are blessed to have raised our girls doing the same.  So, when scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw that Michelle Curtis was looking for pattern testers for her new Lake House Quilt, I raised my hand!

I absolutely love this pattern!  It’s fresh and modern and will work in any & every lake house from tent to mansion.

I would classify this pattern as a perfect skill builder.  It has a little of everything:

Simple patchwork and tiny detail piecing.

Foundation paper piecing and long straight fast seams. (Use your pins!)

And lots of color play!  For my quilt I used fabrics from Carolyn Friedlander's Doe, Carkai, and Botanics collections.  (Our neighbor's son came home with this sweet boat just in time for a photograph with my quilt top!)

The pattern is written oar by oar so you could easily add to or delete from it.  Someone commented that just one oar would make a darling table runner.  The only problem there would be choosing an oar!

My goal in quilting this was to make it look like ripples in water.  I'm not really sure I achieved that but as Angela Walters says, “Finished is better than perfect.”  For the backing I used this popular Ikea print from my stash which was the perfect width for this quilt.  I used Quilter’s Dream Dream Pink batting from my Valentine’s Day prize because, again, it was the perfect (throw) size!  I was a little afraid of the pink showing through that thin white backing but it doesn't at all.  It's a very nice product and thank you again to Quilter's Dream!  (Dream Pink is currently available on Massdrop.)
It was an honor to be chosen to test this fun pattern.  Again, you can find it here, just in time for summer in Michigan.  

Life is better at the lake!

I'll be linking up with Let's Bee Social and Crazy Mom Quilts.

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