Friday, February 3, 2023

broken dishes retreat quilt

 A long time work in progress comes to an end...

I purchased a few charm packs of Denyse Schmidt's Hadley collection years ago as it was closing out.  I had no plan for them but was heading to a guild retreat and decided I'd turn them into 1/2 square triangles.  I like to do mindless sewing at retreats so I can chat with and listen to others.

At another retreat I decided to turn them into broken dishes blocks.  I originally was making each 4-square block color coordinated but that got too repetitious so I took them apart and just started sewing them randomly.

This week I decided to quilt it.  I didn't have the right size batting in my stash and it's sooooo cold I didn't want to go out shopping so...I pieced together a few cuts of leftover wool batting for this.  I wouldn't have tried it for a quilt I was gifting but this one is for me so why not?  It worked out really well.  I seriously can't tell where the batting seams are now that it's finished and washed...and I'm pretty picky!

I only wanted this to be lap sized so used some of the extra triangles on the back.  

And because this is the entire line of Hadley, and it's only Hadley, I added in a bit of the selvage.

With the remainder of the triangles I made a pillow.  A big one!  (I finished the pillow last spring!)

So what to you think?  Broken Dishes or a hot mess of triangles?  Either way I like it!  Lots of fun memories sewn up in here, too.

I'm off to a guild sew-in day tomorrow.  Time to start another project that doesn't take too much thinking.  Have you ever made a
Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt?