Monday, May 19, 2014

testing testing

I don't remember what I was searching for last summer when I found this.  It about knocked my socks off and I've been following Ahhh...Quilting ever since.  Recently she put out a call for pattern testers and I volunteered.  She picked me and look what I got to make!

I think she chose me because I have very little experience with applique, which is how this is made.

 It was fun to pull out some of my dad's old tools for tracing and cutting the pattern pieces.

Just one mistake here but luckily I noticed before I cut out all those little green wedges.  (I incorrectly adhered them to the RIGHT side of the fabric.)

I had a hard time photographing these colors for some reason.  I guess I need to Google that now.  Anyway, the greens go together much better than this picture shows and how perfect is that backing for a watermelon?

The pattern is now available on Craftsy.  Click here and give it a try!

Here's to summertime!

Monday, May 12, 2014

spring things

Market Bags!

I made these for my daughter for Christmas.  The photos I took in December weren't great.  I thought I'd do better when I visited last weekend.  I figured we would walk up to her local farmer's market, fill them up, then come home and take some cute pictures.  I guess these bags don't want to be photographed.  We never made it to the market because we were participating in...

the Indy Mini!

...and I ran too slow.  Apparently it was a very long winter for a lot of people. Even with my horrible time I placed as I usually do in my age group.  It was good for me to participate in a big run again.  I'm inspired to do better next time.  Plus, the shirt is super cute and it fits so I'll actually wear it!

Sorry, I can't resist.  Here are a few more of my favorite spring things:

 I hope you're finding time to get outside and enjoy the colors of spring.