Friday, May 17, 2019


I've been participating in an online sew along and making "trinkets" using the Trinket pattern by Alison Glass.

These trinket blocks are paper pieced.  I made a few ahead of time because it's been awhile since I did any paper piecing.  They go together quickly and are a little addicting. 😉 By the time I was making the 5th or 6th block I realized my trinkets were reminding me of being at our camp in Northern Michigan.  So that was my focus for this quilt - things I love up north!  I posted my blocks each day on Instagram using #rsftrinkets.  In each post I describe how I relate the block to something up north, occasionally including a photo of the trinket in real life.

We were allowed to change up how we sewed the pattern pieces.    Do you see here how I turned this clover into a pontoon boat?  I took the same pieces of the block but sewed them together inside-out.

We were encouraged to arrange our trinkets any way we wish.  To participate in the prizes we needed to include at least one of each of the 40 trinkets from the pattern in our quilt.  I opted to repeat a few and ultimately made 56.  I sewed them into simple rows but offset my rows to change things up a bit

My quilt finishes at 50"x57".  I found this fabric with sunglasses at Ikea.  It's extra wide (59") so it was an easy backing choice.  Don't the colors go perfectly with the trinkets on the front?  

The binding is from my stash, black with colorful stripes, that show much better in real life. 

Can you find the bald eagle?  Or my favorite, the torch?  The last trinket in the bottom row above represents the lighthouse in Charlevoix where we had our most fun, and dangerous, and windy, and cold photo shoot ever with my Beacon/lighthouse block quilt.

We returned there to repeat the photo with this quilt.  The trinkets are too small to see here - oh well.  It was a beautiful sunny day with no wind - the exact opposite of that first time.

It's pretty with Lake Michigan in the background!

The bright sunshine makes it challenging to photograph a colorful quilt with a white background.  But we are happy for the sunshine and hope you're enjoying some this week as well.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Golly Karen, this sure turned out striking! I love all the blocks you made. All solids, right? I'm really a sucker for solids these days. I like your block arrangement, and that IKEA backing. As I mentioned, I'd been told about four years ago that IKEA was discontinuing fabric - that was at a Tampa IKEA, and I also inquired and learned the same at a Kansas City IKEA. I haven't been in an IKEA since, so am hoping all IKEAs carry it now. Will look when I'm in Kansas City soon. Love your outdoor pictures with the lake in the background. I find it easy to NOT go to the trouble of scoping-out good photo places. Now I'm thinking I need to try again. :-)

  2. Love the trinket blocks. I am supremely impressed that you made the time and effort for a fabulous photoshoot. Love the picture against the red structure. Kudos to your quilt model too!!! And that backing - ooh that backing. I need that oh-so-cool backing.

  3. Wow, this is so lovely! What fun little blocks and a fabulous find for the backing. I have found some wonderful backings at IKEA as well, I just wish they had more quilting weight cottons.

  4. A fabulous quilt and I love the photos you took at the special outing to the lighthouse!

  5. I like how you chose to set the blocks. It gives a very nautical feel. And the backing is just perfect. Great photos too!

  6. The setting is terrific- the blocks fair dance for attention on the white. Beautiful quilt.

  7. What a fun quilt! I love how it was trip down memory lane for you and that you infused those memories into your quilt. I always love when a quilt becomes a nostalgic journey! And that backing is just perfect and super fun!

  8. I love your quilt: The blocks and the layout - I think it is the first I have seen with sashing and it look amazing. And those lighthouse pictures! Enjoy your finish :) xo Melanie

  9. I love your trinkets quilt! How each block had different colors with sashing between them is very cool!

  10. I love everything about this quilt of yours. The solids, your layout and the backing! It's a gorgeous and lovely quilt!