Tuesday, June 19, 2018

sewtopia slc

I took my first trip ever to Salt Lake City for Sewtopia in April.  
That means I'm 2 months late with this post but who's counting?😉  What a beautiful city!  I traveled with a friend and we arrived a half day early leaving us a little touring time.  After a quick meal and a yummy gelato we walked the few blocks to Temple Square.  You don't have to be a Mormon to appreciate the awe of this first glance.
Several wedding photographers were busy within the square.  Can you spot the two here?

We returned the following evening for the Tabernacle Choir rehearsal - with full orchestra!  It was awesome!  This was not on my bucket list but it should have been.  I will never forget it.

Now, onto the sewing...
This was my 3rd time attending Sewtopia.  Michael Miller Fabrics always sponsors a challenge and this year's "Space Kids" fabric was my favorite.  
I have 3 grandchildren, 1 girl and 2 boys, and our family is all about space so I had a blast making this fun two-sided pillow!
It was not a challenge winner but the children love using it so it's a win for me!  

My first class was with Jacquie Gering.  She taught her improv mid-century modern house blocks.  It was a very fun and inspiring class.  I used scraps I had left over from the first Sewtopia that was held in Chicago.  These are all from Denyse Schmidt's Florence collection.

I added a few improv trees and turned my houses into a mini neighborhood.

The second day was with Libs Elliot.  She introduced and taught her new Heartbreaker pattern.  These are English Paper Pieced.  Hand sewing, other than quilt bindings, is always a challenge for me but I persevered.
Libs was invited by Absolute Vodka to design a label celebrating Canada's 150th.  A friend visited Canada last year and found one for me.  Look how perfectly it goes with my finish!  Even down to the lemon/lime binding!

Earlier I shared the pin cushion I made for the swap.  In exchange I received this beautiful covered note pad, including instructions where I can find refills.  I love it!

And here's a photo of all the swag I brought home!  Amazing!!!  Thank you to all the sponsors, especially Michael Miller Fabrics for that HUGE bundle of Everglades!

Sewtopia has just announced the teachers scheduled for next spring are Karen Lewis and Sherri Lynn Woods.  Tickets go on sale July 31st.   I've marked my calendar!  


  1. This looks fabulous. The notebook is just lovely because you can use it again and again, I am particularly partial to a great notebook and always have several on the go. x

    1. I agree! I've always just grabbed whatever paper I can find. I love that I now have all my notes in one beautiful book. What took me so long!?!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. How nice that you take the time to attend this event each year! Looks like you always get to participate in something really enjoyable. I like your little neighborhood of houses the best. Very retro-looking homes. And, it's so nice that you were able to hear the Tabernacle choir and orchestra! As a kid, I remember walking into that empty worship center and simply being overwhelmed by the size of it. I'm happy for you that in 2019 you'll have such good instructors again. I've been in an all day workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood, and was completely overwhelmed. Improv just doesn't come easy to me. No doubt you will create something fantastic!

    I hope you find this comment as I know Blogger still isn't cooperating (since May 25) with emailing comment notifications to the blogger. It's been SO frustrating, especially since Google/Blogger isn't giving a timeframe for any fix.

  3. I have taken classes with both Libs and Jacquie. My mid century modern houses just need to be made into a top. They are near the top of the list to finish. My Libs project is done. Looks like you had great fun! Nice trees!

    1. Aren't they both fantastic? Jacquie came back in the evening to have an open chat. She just sat, talked and answered questions. Lots of history and insight. It was super.