Friday, April 6, 2018


Welcome to my stop on the Postcard Parade.

When I saw on Instagram that Elm Street Quilts was hosting a postcard swap I became intrigued.  I've been seeing quilted postcards popping up here and there and decided to join in and give one a try.  Postcards are only 4x6 inches - I have time for that!

When we signed up for the swap we were asked to give a one word prompt for what we'd like to receive.  Then we received an email with a swap partners name, address, and her request.  My partner's prompt was CAT.

There are several cat patterns out there but I went straight to one a guild friend, Pam, created, the Cheddar Cat I downsized Pam's pattern by 1/2 to make it fit the 4x6 size.  

There are 28 pieces in this block!

That makes the back worth taking a photo of!  (I over-sized the borders here and didn't trim to the final 4x6 size till after it was quilted.)

I read through my partner's blog and found she was traveling and had made a stop at what turned into a very interesting museum.  It reminded me of a family vacation we took years ago so gave me a perfect "postcard" note to send.

I don't have a fabric marker and even if I did I would be afraid to use it but I have had success several times running freezer paper backed fabric through my printer so went with that method for the back.  

I read through several tutorials before starting my postcard, including Patty's.  Ultimately, here's what I did:
  • made a 4x6 block
  • quilted it with a scrap of batting
  • trimmed it to 4x6"
  • printed the back
  • layered one piece of very stiff interfacing between the front and back
  • zig-zag stitched it all together using a stitch width of 5 and length of 4 (next time I'll go shorter.)
Super fun little project!

Wondering what I received in return?  
When I signed up for the swap I was completely focused on my Kaleidoscope quilt for the Modern Plus Sign Quilts book hop. prompt was PLUS.  Sarah in Texas made me a plus of pluses!

More of a mini-quilt, really, she even bound it!  

And it appears that she, too, was afraid to write on the back! 

So she sent a sweet note instead.  Thank you Sarah.  Love the Alison Glass fabrics, too!

Now hop along to check out the other postcards that have been exchanged.

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Thanks so much to Patty for a very well organized swap.

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  1. I absolutely love the cat. x

  2. Beautiful, I love the cheddar cat 🙀 so much patience to sew all those blocks, great job 💕

  3. I'm new to your blog and it was fun to meet you on the postcard swap. WOW!! All those tiny pieces in your cat AMAZE me!!! Wonderful work!

  4. How wonderful that your partner sent you a postcard of pluses. And all those tiny pieces on the cat. Well done!

  5. What an adorable cheddar cat! That was some precision piecing you did! How fun you chose 'plus' as you word too and received creative plus sign postcard!

    1. Thank you Paige. Plus is the word of the far anyway!

  6. The cat postcard is great for cat lovers everywhere! The plus postcard is a treasure, too!

    1. Hi Laura. The plus I received is a treasure indeed. It appears PLUS and CAT were popular prompts in this swap. It's been fun to see how differently folks interpreted their prompt. I'm glad you hopped by!

  7. Love your cat, will try it out, bigger size though. Isn’t this soo much fun!!!

  8. How clever you are to piece a cat that small. You made a beautiful card. And got a great one in the mail too.

  9. What wonderful cards! I continue to be amazed at that tiny cat! Thank you for being part of the postcard swap and our blog hop!

  10. Holy crap! That is one teeny cat with teensie pieces! What a beautiful back-thanks for that shot; you do gorgeous work! I love the plus of pluses that you received, and I think she should have let it be plus size; that would be the icing on the cake ha! Now, are you on one of our Great Lakes? I'm on Erie, south of Detroit, and I see you're in MI...think you may be the person who got me to buy this fabulous stars background fabric...(does that ring a bell or am I way off course?)

  11. I believe I know who is getting your card and BS will love it especially since she is now home. Thanks for reminding me of this pattern. Upon seeing it again I will pull my fabric tomorrow to try and match my 3 cats. Wonderful tut on making these cards. Thanks!

    1. Making cats to match your fun! My suggestion is to keep your pieces in order as you are cutting them. There are lots of pieces and many are similar sized. It's easy to get confused - especially if you are using a directional fabric.

  12. What a great postcard you made, Karen! But you've reminded me of why I don't do swaps. :-) Gosh, if I'd been given the word CATS, I would have asked for a different word! I can't help it that I don't care for cats, so the idea of MAKING one doesn't sound fun. Might that word have been interpreted any differently? Well, you sure got it right, and with tons of piecing too, it seems. Good for you!

  13. Two super fun postcards! You both chose very interesting prompts and carried them out to the max!

  14. So nice to get something special in the mail! I used to make fabric postcards...I should do that again soon. The back and front of your cat are very impressive!