Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year!  While everyone else is reviewing their annual goals and setting new ones, I'm hoping to catch up and finish posting a few of my 2014 finishes this week.

First up is a November finish.  Our quilt guild had a crayon challenge.  Someone dumped a large box of Crayolas into a bag and we each randomly drew one crayon from it.  We could use any hue of the color and only add white, gray, or black to it for our quilt.

I chose denim!  I found three pairs of jeans in various stages of fading and used them for my quilt.  I had lofty ideas of lots of flying geese in V formation switching out the leader, which our guild is ready to do.  I actually made lots of geese, but then thought about sewing together all the super thick blocks and losing all the points and breaking needles trying to quilt it.  I decided to go back to Modern Minimal and the Cobblestones quilt for inspiration.

This was my first attempt at improv quilting.  I absolutely love Alissa Haight Carlton's comment about moving back and forth from machine to ironing board to cutting table over and over being a calorie burning experience!
The long edge pieces are from a pair of my husband's old leaf raking jeans.  This year was their final.  I love how you can see the fading and thinning at the knees.

I still wanted our guild to be represented in this quilt.  We have lots of fun with the Lone Square pattern so I appliqued a pocket onto the back.

Because really, who doesn't need an extra place for snacks and treasures!

*The binding is a Cotton and Steel Basic in Jean Jacket!  I donated a fat quarter of it to the prize pile for my entry into the challenge.  I love our fun guild!


  1. What a cool quilt! It looks great and I love the fun addition of pocket! You done great job with your challenge.

    1. Thanks Vera. Once I cut out the pocket it was screaming to be included!

  2. That is a darling quilt. You picked a perfect color;

    1. Thanks Patty. I was lucky to pick a color I love.