Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flying Geese - a tutorial

I was reading a blog about blogging the other day and it mentioned that all sewing blogs should have a tutorial.  Since I just posted about how much I liked making flying geese - here's a tutorial on how I made (mostly) pictures!

I'm using the large flying geese ruler from Quilt in a Day.  You can get it here

Start with 2 squares.  The "goose" will be the dots in this sample and the purple will be the "wings".  Cut a square for the goose 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches and one for the wings 11 x 11 inches.  Each set of two squares will yield four 4 x 8 inch flying geese.

Center the smaller square on top of the larger one and draw a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right.

Now sew a 1/4 inch seam from both sides of the line.  (Wow, the old New Home sewing machine sure stitches a straight line!)

Use your ruler to cut between the two seams on the line you drew.  Press the seams towards the larger square (which is now a triangle).

Now you have 2 large half-square triangles.  Stack one on top of the other, right sides together, with opposite fabrics touching each other.  The sewn seams will not line up.  

Draw another diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right and sew a 1/4 inch seam on both sides just like before.  And again cut on the drawn line.  (I missed taking a picture of this.  Sorry.)

This time, before pressing, cut a little notch in the seam allowance between the two seams that didn't line up.

Now you can press each half the opposite way matching your initial pressing - towards the originally larger square.

Now comes the really fun part!  With your fabric right side facing up, line up the markings on the ruler with the seams in your fabric.

Cut all the way around the ruler.  You'll have to turn at least once.  Be careful to re-align the ruler after each turn. 

 Now cut a few more squares and repeat.

 Soon you'll have enough geese to head to the design wall...

And start arranging a quilt!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog, dear friend! Your quilts and photos of them reflect "you." I love them and look forward to seeing your future choices.