Sunday, August 15, 2021

bear in the woods

 I sewed something!  

Nothing like a deadline to motivate me!  Black bears are making a comeback in Northern Michigan so...

when I received this invitation to a baby shower I decided I wanted to try and replicate it - modern quilting style 😉

I started with the bear.  I purchased a pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts knowing I would need to make changes for the bear to fit my quilt. I love a challenge!  My bear is chubbier and has a shorter snout but I think he works.  I used a black Peppered Cotton for the bear and a Grunge print for the background. 

I originally made the buffalo check with a gray linen blend.  While I like the idea of three textures in the plaid - a blue Kona solid, the linen blend, and Peppered Cotton - I decided it was just too dark for a baby quilt.  So at the last minute I changed it up and used the light Grunge print.  I still like that dark plaid though and plan to make more strips and a whole quilt of it...someday!

I used Amy Smart's tutorial for the improv trees.  They're made with Essex linen in Pickle. 

 used that Pickle on the binding as well.  I like the pop of color and with a single fold binding it's not too thick. The backing is a print from the Frost collection by Sarah Watts.  Love it!

I hope you're enjoying summer.  Watch out for bears! 

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