Monday, September 11, 2017

two tangos

In January I decided 2017 would be a "sew my stash" year.  I've been quilting and growing my stash for 3 years and it was time to finally cut up some hoarded bundles and play with them.  With a new grand baby due before the 4th of July I decided I'd make each grandchild their own boat quilt.  It was January...I had plenty of time!

So, I untied several Cotton & Steel bundles I purchased with a gift certificate I won while participating in the Wallflowers QAL hosted by Bloomerie Fabrics, and started cutting.  I chose the Tango pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.  Allison's patterns are easy to follow - you can count on a successful finish.

I just matched fabrics and made blocks.  These were all about playing with fabric.  Cotton and Steel fabrics really do all go together.  You just can't miss.

I made 84 blocks and then divided them into two piles.  42 for one quilt that leans green/blue/teal/turquoise...

...and 42 for one quilt that leans pink.  
I finished all the blocks and put the quilt tops together during one long January weekend.
Then I hung them neatly in a closet with several other quilt tops that need quilting.

In June I decided remembered I needed to get back to them.  
I chose Cotton & Steel double gauze for the backings.  It quilted beautifully and is of course super soft.  Bloomerie still has some available here.

I used the thin Quilter's Dream request loft for these summer quilts.  You can't tell here but the pink quilt is quilted with straight lines on the diagonal.  It completely distorted the quilt and this is the first time I ever blocked a quilt.  (Sorry, no photos.)  It's a lot better now but still not perfect.  Oh well, my granddaughter doesn't care.

Here's how they look in use!

This little guy really loves an evening cruise!

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  1. I have these fabrics hoarded away too! These quilts are so cute, you've given me great inspiration to get started! Thanks!

    1. Oh good! I've been using my C&S prints in the Jolly Christmas QAL as well. They're fun prints to play with. I don't know why I waited so long.

    2. I love C+S fabrics and these quilts show them off so well! Two awesome finishes as well as a precious little baby. 😊

  2. These are great quilts for grandchildren. Pretty easy to sew, it looks like, and the design shows off very nicely those Cotton and Steel prints. Curious about the one you straight-line quilted... did you alternate the direction of your quilting each time you went across the quilt? Also, did you first quilt wide spaces, and then go back between the spaces to divide them, and then go back and divide them again? Not sure I'm making sense, but I think that this method of quilting would help keep a quilt flat. At least, that's what I've been teaching students in my classes! Would hate to be giving them information that doesn't work!

    1. Thanks Linda. No, I broke all the rules and just got this done, starting from the middle and working to one side first, then the other. I started going back and forth but rolling and re-rolling the quilt was taking too long and I really wanted these finished by 4th of July. I was prepared for the wonkiness and that I'd need to block it. Honestly, I'm amazed at how well I was able to get it back in shape, probably because this was just a small quilt. Or maybe because of the thin batting. I was more concerned here with the double gauze stretching and then having puckers on the back - I really hate that. It didn't!
      I did quilt wider lines to start with on the blue quilt and thad made a big difference. You give great information to your students and followers. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Thanks so much Alison, and thanks for stopping by.