Saturday, August 6, 2016

a tribute

I just lost a dear aunt.  A kindred soul, really.  We were not related by blood - she married my mother’s brother.  She was one of very few people I’ve known that I always try to emulate.  
She was a crafter so I thought to honor her I would share a few of the things she made that decorate our home.

A rather modern pineapple by 1985 standards!  She must have known it would work as my decor changed over the years.  I still love it!

This was made to welcome my daughter.  Her room, like everyone’s, evolved as she did.  As the paint colors and themes changed over time this one item has always remained - at Halle’s request!  Fun fact:  At Halle's wedding my aunt and uncle won the "longest married couple" dance.

And this beauty was our wedding gift.  Can you see that the borders are stitched in the ditch and then she tied each block?  I remember her talking about having it spread on the floor of the living room while she got opinions from my uncle on how to arrange those log cabin blocks.  

her Sally
More than anything she would want to be remembered as a friend to all animals.  Cats were her favorite.  She spent lots of hours over many years volunteering at her local animal shelter.  How fitting that the morning of her last day I was visited by a stray cat.  He meowed at my screen door in the morning till I got him a piece of cheese.  He hung around most of the day.  I haven’t seen him since.  I think she was stopping by to say good-bye.

Rest in Peace Dearest Aunt Georgeann.


  1. Very sorry you lost your Aunt and friend. It's nice that she provided you and your family with these beautiful handmade gifts during her lifetime, for you to remember her by. That pineapple is so IN right now!

  2. Very nice tribute to your aunt. Great craft items.

  3. Thank you for sharing your aunt with me today! A wonderful tribute. Hugs Holly Good

  4. Karen, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the beautiful tribute to your aunt.