Friday, September 4, 2015

alison glass mini swap

I'm playing catch up today.  I should have posted this in June...

I participated in the Alison Glass Mini Swap on Instagram.  My partner was from Australia and a mom of SEVEN children!  The moment I read my partner info I knew I wanted to make her a heptagon.

I found this beautiful bundle at Pink Castle Fabrics but couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I made my own.

I started slowly and learned quickly that when you are paper piecing every thing is backwards and upside down.  I intended for this to look scrappy so ultimately it didn't matter.

When the heptagon was complete I spent an evening removing all the paper.  I should have included my tweezers in this photo!

I appliqued it onto a solid.  This blue is from RJR and called Cove.  I love it!

I quilted in the ditch throughout the shape (never had to lift my needle) then around and around the seven sides.

Because I was sending this to Australia I needed to keep the extras fairly flat and light weight.  I cut some of the leftovers into 2 1/2 inch squares and arranged them in a color "spectrum". (We were on team Spectrum.)

Then I turned the squares into a  One Hour Basket.  This is a free pattern from @kelbysews who I know wishes she had a nickel for each download!

I made a label for the back of the mini and added a few small/flat extras and sent it on it's way.  It was warmly received and I've made a delightful new friend in Australia!

In return I received this beauty from @steffanikburton.

And these amazing extras.  #yayburtongirls!

Another successful swap!!!

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  1. Both mini's are so nice. I love your scrappy heptagon.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sherri. They are all Alison Glass fabrics from various different lines. I love them all!

  3. Wow, the heptagon is brilliant! Any hint how to get started making such a wild shape?

    1. Hi Greta. Thanks so much for stopping by. I just Googled "heptagon"!

  4. Love the heptagon. You must have the math gene to make this work out! I love the Alison Glass fabrics, too. She is in our Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild, so we get to see things hot off the press. She is so very sweet, too. Good use of her fabrics.

    1. Hi Malinda. Actually, my sister got the math gene. I did have an excellent Math teacher, though, and am not afraid of it.
      How fun to have Alison Glass in your guild. I will be attending Glamp Stitchalot in November and she is one of the instructors. I can't wait to meet her!
      Thanks so much for stopping by.