Wednesday, August 27, 2014

open wide pouches

I made pouches!  These are open wide zippered pouches from Noodlehead.  Find her excellent tutorial here.

I'm planning to make her Cargo Duffel soon so decided to practice with something simpler.  Good thing.  I learned newer sewing machines come with new fancy accessories.

The foot on the left is a new zipper foot.  While you can move the needle to either side based on which side of the zipper you're sewing, I couldn't seem to manage getting the zipper under the foot to continue sewing.  For the second bag, I used my old fashioned machine with it's old fashioned zipper foot (on the right).  With this attachment one can actually move the foot (along the bar at the top) to the other side of the needle and out of the way of the zipper.  This also allows you to sew closer to the zipper teeth.  It was much neater and required much less sweat and anxiety.

A great lesson because I love my new pouches and am not afraid to tackle more. 

This is making an excellent binding bag.  It holds everything I need: wonder clips, needle, thread, covered scissors, and a thimble!


  1. Sometimes those "old fashioned" things come through in a pinch!! I'm so glad you're organizing yourself with your colorful "Noodleheads". You are surely having a great time with your miracle sewing contraption!! Best blog ever. J

    1. My dad would have called these ditty bags. Probably should have used that old fashioned name in this post since I used my old fashioned machine! Thanks for stopping by Best Follower Ever;)