Tuesday, June 3, 2014

picnic time

This is the Basket Case pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I started this quilt in January.  I had to refer to the pattern for every single block.  For some reason my brain just wasn't able to sort it out.  In the end it all worked though.  If there's a mistake in all the "weaving" I can't see it.

I quilted it with a free-motion loop.  When I took it outside to photograph I discovered this.  Not sure why it only happened with one loop or what went wrong but it doesn't matter.  It was easily fixed.  (Yes, I need more practice with loops.)

The fabrics are all from the DS line at JoAnn's.  (The wine was from a marathon in France - but I'll save that story for another post!)

The back is just two big pieces from the front with a row made from the scraps.  It went together in no time.

A few more pictures because I was having fun playing with my camera. 

Plus, picnics are more fun in the shade!

I'm so happy with how this quilt finished up.  I guess kinda like a marathon - if you keep plugging along the end is so worth it!


  1. Karen, Wine and quilts go well together! Love the basket weave pattern. Hope that picnic basket has something tasty inside to reward you for your good work!! J

    1. I got that basket at the EA garage sale last summer. It's full of fabric scraps!