Monday, May 12, 2014

spring things

Market Bags!

I made these for my daughter for Christmas.  The photos I took in December weren't great.  I thought I'd do better when I visited last weekend.  I figured we would walk up to her local farmer's market, fill them up, then come home and take some cute pictures.  I guess these bags don't want to be photographed.  We never made it to the market because we were participating in...

the Indy Mini!

...and I ran too slow.  Apparently it was a very long winter for a lot of people. Even with my horrible time I placed as I usually do in my age group.  It was good for me to participate in a big run again.  I'm inspired to do better next time.  Plus, the shirt is super cute and it fits so I'll actually wear it!

Sorry, I can't resist.  Here are a few more of my favorite spring things:

 I hope you're finding time to get outside and enjoy the colors of spring.


  1. Hi Karen, I love how beautiful spring wild flowers pop up in the gray, dead looking ground like the picture of the awesome plant pictured in your blog with the yellow flowers. Of course trilliums and bleeding hearts are also among the first to grace us with their presence in the early spring. Ain't nature grand?? Loved spending the weekend with you in Saginaw. Your marathon pictures reminded me of the Marathon Rubber Glove Blowing Up session at my house!!!!! Love,J

    1. Yes, running a few different "marathons" in my life this spring! The yellow is a marsh marigold that appeared in the front corner of our yard a few years ago. Gotta love the way the birds help spread seeds!

    2. Ah yes, The benefits of pooping in the right place!! Those birds have that down to a science!!